Your community is starving for good news about your schools

By February 11, 2019School Newsletters

My wife and I started this school communications business 25 years ago when I was a young high school English teacher. I’ll never forget the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from our first newsletter. We knew we did a great job telling the story of the school district where I lived and was employed. We used large photos of happy kids and well-written articles about some of the many successes that go on in our buildings every day. However, there’s no way we could have anticipated such a response.

Since that first issue, 25 years ago, we still get that same response in school communities all over the country. I’ve come to understand that people are starving for good news, so let’s give them good news about your school.

Not only do we do everything in excellence, we keep negativity and politics out of our publications. This makes all the difference. Pictures of helpful teachers with happy, safe students enjoying the educational process is a powerful image that brings hope and confidence to our families and our community.

And when people get a fresh dose of the positive, anything good can happen. Here’s an example from one of our clients:

“After seeing just one of our publications, a local patron was inspired to call and ask how she could help our schools. She has since committed to funding a college savings account in the amount of $150 for every kindergarten student who enrolls at our school for the next five years. This blessing happened thanks to our partnership with Kidder Media and the positive light they shine on our students and our schools.” –Dr. Goad, Tri-County Schools

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