School Superintendents already wear 100 hats—why make it 101?

By February 9, 2019School Marketing

I have served school superintendents for 25 years. I’ve noticed the school board is always adding new goals and responsibilities to your job—on with another proverbial hat. However, when it comes to communications and marketing, a must in today’s competitive educational market, it’s a good time to find the joys of vendorship.

I recall my first client was also my superintendent boss as I was teaching high school English at the time. He was a former basketball coach who stood about 6 ft. 4 in. tall, and just before he signed the contract, he leaned over his desk toward me and said, “I’m a busy man … make me look good and stay the (blank) out of my way.”

We built our company on that advice because it’s true—you are busy enough already and you need a professional to help you tell the good news of your schools to the community you serve.

At Kidder Media we offer community publications, social media management, press releases, website content, and much more. We also offer a la carte services. So please give me a call today and let’s find the perfect strategy for your school district’s marketing needs: 850.797.1011 or you may send an email to [email protected]. For more information visit us on the web at