Perfect Opportunity for Schools

By February 6, 2019School Marketing

School Superintendents can bring communities together

In the day of the world-wide web, now is a perfect opportunity for schools, and especially school superintendents, to take a leadership role in the community. And, community has become even more important in the digital world.

After all, community is still where we do most of our shopping, play golf or shoot baskets at the garage. It’s where we send our children to school and meet friends for dinner and a movie on Saturday night—it’s where we do most of our living. And with the technical world pulling at us from every direction, community can provide a place of stability and even unity, a place to acknowledge our differences and then come reason together for the purpose of a safe, thriving society.

It sounds a little idealistic, but what is education? It’s providing knowledge, hope and purpose for the future—the future of our kids and our community. That’s where your leadership comes in. And you can’t impact the community if you don’t reach them with a single medium. Websites and Facebook can be good things, but these venues will not bring folks together because only a small percentage will see them.

The answer is a newsletter publication that mails to every single taxpayer. And while you’re sending it, you may as well show great, professional photos of happy, safe kids enjoying the educational process. Sprinkle it with short, well-written articles about student success. One page can even feature a program or two where the community came together to work with the schools and even the local library.

And finally, there should be a message from you, the superintendent, right next to your picture. You may quickly discuss some of the educational goals for the school and community, and while you’re at it, tell a story about the success of a single student. Folks are starving for this type of good news. This newsletter will not only improve your image as a school district, it will bring folks together. And when people work together and care, schools and communities thrive.

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