Hey Schools … Rah, Rah, it’s time to win the marketing game!

By February 10, 2019School Marketing

As you know, educational dynamics are changing. As if we didn’t have enough responsibilities already, now we need to compete in the open market for students. Even if you are not in a voucher or open enrollment/school choice state, it’s coming. And the competition is already at your door.

Online schools, charter schools, faith-based schools and even home schools: these entities and opportunities are competing with your school district. And just like your basketball teams, you have to pull out all the proverbial stops to get ready for the game and ultimately win.

Your basketball teams know all about getting ready for the big game: before the season even starts there’s summer ball and pre-season conditioning. When the season starts, it’s full daily practice 2 to 3 hours long plus weekend games, not to mention those flashy new uniforms. The school and community join in with pep club, boosters, pep band cheerleaders and sometimes even the art club with cool posters—and don’t forget the pep rallies that involve the entire school.

Here’s my point: to best represent your school to the community while competing with other schools you have to look at every possible way to show your school well and ultimately win the game. That’s the way it should be with marketing your school.  Every opportunity needs to be explored.

I know, there’s that little thing of educating the students in excellence while getting them to and from school safely every day, not to mention one hundred other things, but Kidder Media is here for those other things. We are a turn-key operation ready to tell your story with creative excellence, experience, success and knowledge to help you win the marketing game.

At Kidder Media we offer community publications, social media management, press releases, website content, and much more. We also offer a la carte services. So please give me a call today, and let’s find the perfect strategy for your school district’s marketing needs: 850.797.1011 or you may send an email to [email protected]. For more information visit us on the web at www.kiddermedia.com