Even for Schools, the Medium is Still the Message

By February 8, 2019School Marketing

I grew up in the school and education culture. My parents were public school teachers, and I also taught high school English for 10 years. And now as a media and communications consultant, I have worked with nearly 600 schools to help them communicate well.

The point is, I know schools inside and out, and I also know that we as educators are frugal people. We have to be. This is true in our personal life and spills over into our budget life at school too.

As a result of this careful attention to finances, the school administration works hard to be frugal and respectful of taxpayer money. However, if the budget cuts happen at the communication level, the community only sees unprofessional work and is apt to judge the school based on those mediums.

So once again, the old adage is true: The Medium is the Message, baby.

Especially in the age of school choice/open enrollment, vouchers, home school, on-line school and on and on, it’s a competitive market out there. With around $8,000 on each student’s head, there are many factors to weigh into your decisions about how to spend that money. However, it doesn’t take much success with your communications and marketing to justify using a few extra dollars to do things in excellence.  

There’s the next thing—who has the time and who has the expertise? The answer is contracting with someone who knows and loves schools as well as school marketing. That’s what our team at Kidder Media is here for.

At Kidder Media we offer community publications, social media management, crisis management communication, press releases, website content and much more. We also offer a la carte services. So please give me a call today and let’s find the perfect strategy for your school district’s marketing needs: 850.797.1011 or you may send an email to [email protected]. For more information visit us on the web at www.kiddermedia.com