For School Crisis Prevention, Communication is the Key

When it comes to crisis prevention and crisis management, communication is the key. Kidder Media newsletters become a trusted medium of communication between the school district and the taxpayers it serves. For prevention, a newsletter promotes the positives going on in your school and community. When people feel good about their schools and community, they care more. And when they care more, they are alert. And alert people help prevent many potential problems.

When that rare crisis does occur, the Kidder newsletter is even more important as it becomes a trusted line of communication that can verify facts and strategies while exposing misinformation that can keep folks in suspicion and fear.

The newsletter is a must-have in a day when social media can turn a small matter into a crisis—usually with inaccurate information. After all, most unfortunate situations start as an incident but turn into a crisis due to poor communication.

At Kidder Media we offer community publications, social media management, crisis management communication, press releases, website content and much more. We also offer a la carte services. So please give Troy a call today and let’;s find the perfect strategy for your school district’s marketing needs: 850.797.1011 or you may send an email to [email protected]. For more information visit us on the web at